How To Hack WPA+WPA2 WiFi Password Using Reaver

How To Hack WPA WPA2 WiFi Password Using Reaver
Hack WiFi Password Using Reaver

“Crack WPA/WPA2 Wireless Password Using Reaver”

Reaver Is Great In Cracking ~WPA/WPA2 Protected Passwords any Forcing The WPS Pins On The
Routers which have WPS/ Push button enabled on them but the problem is that there are thousonds of
pins which Reaver has to brute force and this requires much time to hack the password

But I Have bought a soloution for you in which you will be crack the WiFi Password in just 2-3 hours of average time which which i have considered.

Whats The Logic?

The Logic is simple if you can understand , Reaver current version brute force 8 digit pin code (WPS Pin Code) and it took more time in cracking 8 digit pin code but if we command Reaver to crack 4 digit of pin code in first session and the rest of 4 digit pin code in second session and in this way we can crack the WiFi Password easily in 2-3 hours and even less than in hour , like i Myself cracked my WiFi Password In Just 1 & half hour.

reaver -i mon0 -f-c “Channel No” -a -b BSSID -v -d 0 -vv

EG:- reaver -i mon0 -f -c 5 -a -b 00:25:5E:95:01:EE -v -d 0 -vv

Note:- Always Try To hack the WiFi Which have strongest Signals , because Reaver will be able to inject the pin code easily in few seconds as when i was cracking Reaver was injecting the Pin Code In Less than second nearly a 1 second per pin and this took me 1 and half hour in cracking.

Error’s Soloutions:-

Majority Of peoples are noob and they get few errors and then they don’t know what to do .

if you are getting (0x03) or (0x03) error then please try to hack the router which have strongest signals this error means that the router which you are cracking has low signal streangth.

WPS failed to inject pin or something like this this error then then they are possibly few reasons behind this,

  1. The router which you are cracking is advance router which is not easy to crack because when
    Reaver tried to brute forced bunch of pins with combination one after another then router itself
    block us from sending the request to enter the pin code for this we will try to use the advance
    option in Reaver which will check the AP limit for router and will wait for few seconds after
    Injecting the Pin.just after the command put -a and done.
  2. The router which you are trying to hack has WPS locked or does not contain WPS enabled

If You are Facing any Problem kindly do comment and i will be able to answer your question as soon as Possible.

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