7 Best WordPress Plugins of 2017

7 Best WordPress Plugins of 2017 | What started as a simple blogging platform a decade back has taken the web by storm. With over 25% of websites powered by WordPress, it surely is one of the go-to-CMS of modern century.

However, WordPress itself isn’t a bulletproof body. It’s the plugins that make it one of the greats.

Today, we debunk 7 best WordPress Plugins of 2017 that you must be using today if you are a WordPress user.


It has to be there, isn’t it? As a marketing consultant, I understand the value that SEO brings to the table. To develop a proper website framework for SEO, this is the tool you must have in your arsenal. Yoast is the all round SEO tool that helps to build a proper SEO site structure for a website. From updating Meta tags to complicated stuff like indexing and sitemap creation can be done through this simple tool.


I’m a big fan of Noah Kagan and his works at Sumo Me. Sumo me also was known as Sumo is one of a complete growth hacking tools I have used in recent times. It doesn’t throw any complex mechanism and keeps everything simple with its list of tools like social sharing, heat maps, and content measurement. This all helps in making a proper analytical data to figure out the loopholes and strive toward site’s growth.

Total Cache

Total Cache is a plugin built to optimize a website for speed. Site speed is one of the crucial aspects of user experience. You don’t want your audience to walk away due to poor loading speed. To rectify this problem, you can install Total Cache. It advanced features of browser caching, CSS, JSS minification, and much more helps you achieve a better result.

All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

Structured data helps search engines understand your content better and give meaningful rich snippets in search result pages. In a layman’s voice – you perhaps have seen the ratings or star signs in search engine result pages. This is the result of implementing schema. This can be a hectic task but with All in One Schema, your work is heavily reduced. Just select the pages and posts you want to the code to run and it will do its business.

Backup Buddy

In the world of the web where intruders and hackers are persistent with their attacks, you can’t risk losing your data. Backup Buddy is a simple plugin that creates a backup system to store your data in case there is a hardware failure on malware attacks. This is one the most reliable tool and a popular one in WordPress community.

Wordfence Security

This is the most popular security plugin in WordPress. As the name suggests, it creates a fence that makes it difficult for hackers to get trespass. It’s application firewall and threat defense feed is one of the most advanced security mechanism of WordPress platforms. It also gives you a visualize data of hack attempts that helps you take security measures for your website.


Every now and then your website will have dead URLs that you won’t even know. Redirection is the tool that gives a permanent redirection to broken links. You can redirect it to a relevant page or set up a permanently gone request. However, if you URL has link juice, it’s best to redirect it to an exclusive URL so its SEO value remains intact.

Closing Down

There are literally thousands of plugins that can do heavy lifting according to niche specific projects. But these are the 7 Plugins that fits in all and must be used to give a sound value to your website.

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Amin Ghale is an Australian WordPress developer and business consultant at Small Biz Web Design. He strives to shed knowledge on WordPress, SEO, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

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