How to Crack Any Software 2017 | Use Any Trial Software Forever!

How to crack any software 2017

Piracy is one the biggest of the biggest issues in modern day software market. Developers and programmers used registration keys and security checks to avoid piracy. But pirates still use different techniques to bypass security measures of software. This process is called cracking of software. Many people wonder how can someone crack software and use it for free. If you wonder the same and looking for answer you ends up on the right place. In this article we will teach you how to crack any software with ease.

Cracking is possible because computer processors can be easily manipulated by debugging. With debuggers anyone can bypass registration process of software and can use it for free.

Note: This Article is published only for educational purpose. I would not recommend anyone to cross ethical worldwide known boundaries. It’s your own responsibility to use knowledge for God or bad.

Things you need for this cracking software as an experiment are as following.

  1. Windows PC.
  2. Debugger (I am going to demonstrate cracking by using ollydbg, you can also use other debuggers).
  3. A software program for experiment.

Firstly, open program and enter any key. The program will give you a response somewhat similar too “Invalid key”. Now we are ready to crack this software with Ollydbg.

Cracking software with Ollydbg

Follow these steps to crack any software.

  1. Run Ollydbg debugger software.
  2. Open the program you are trying to crack with ollydbg.
  3. Run the program by click run. Make sure that program is already attached to debugger.
  4. Now right click on your Cpu window. Find Search for Intermodular calls and click it.
  5. Now search for DLL files. You have to use the DLLs which are called when software asks you for registration key. GETDLGITEMTEXT & SENDDLGITEM can be used.
  6. Now you have to test which one breaks out of activation loop. For this you have to right click dll call and set break points for every instance of that call.
  7. Now resume the software and enter any key to check whether you found the right DLL file. If the debugger pause the program then you are on the right spot.
  8. Not press F8 button to force the next step until it reaches TEST EAX, EAX. This file represent that there is a check performed here.
  9. We can clearly see that TEST EAX.EAX is asking for any number which is not equal to zero. So we can easily change it to 1 or any other number to bypass registration.
  10. To bypass right click EAX value and replace 0 with 1.
  11. You can now resume and use the program.


This work for almost everything I tried up till now. Hope you will find good results with cracking. Don’t forget to comment and share your experience. Thank you.

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