How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account in 2017

This days Facebook is top ranked social network. lot of people using Facebook which make it biggest social network ever. almost and 80% people use Facebook so that Facebook take user privacy very seriously. Facebook always track on each user activity. in this case if Facebook detect that a user not following the rule or breaking its term of condition, his account can be disabled. so time by mistake we do something wrong or our children do something wrong. 
so if you are locking for a solution to recover disabled Facebook account then you are in right place. recover a disabled account not so easy once your account got disabled your have to prove your identity which can be quite difficult for normal people. in this tutorial i will explain how you can recover disabled Facebook account. just follow all the steps given below and you will do it.

Reasons For Facebook Account Disabled. ?

Most people don’t think about that Facebook have right to disabled any account if they detect as spamming. some user unknowing violate terms and conditions of Facebook and their account got disabled. Facebook never show the proper reason why account got block. so here we have listed some of possible reason which can make your account disabled.
  1. You didn’t use your real name. when you create Facebook account
  2. You joined many group in short time and post message very first.
  3. you are poking too many people in short time.Violation of posting terms.
  4. You send many friend requests in short time.
  5. Many reporting against your account.
  6. After all we can say don’t do anything very first in short time. otherwise your account will get flag.

How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account.. ?

There are two type of account disabled status.
1#. Temporary disabled Facebook account
2#. Permanent disabled Facebook account
This is depend on Facebook support team they will fix your account or not. if your account activity is normal and you are not spamming or breaking there term of condition. that don’t worry about it. support team may re enabled your account. but if your account activity is not normal and violation any of there policy then there have low chance to get back your account active again.
Step#1. First go to Facebook login page and try to login your disabled Facebook account.
Step#2. Now send a application to Facebook support by link given below
Step#3. Now fill up your login email or phone number and full real name.
Step#4. Now this step is little hard because you have to submit any of your government issued id proof with jpeg or jpg format.


list of government issued id proof that accept Facebook.
    • Birth certificate.
  • vehicle insurance card.
  • Voter ID card.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • residence permit or immigration papers, Green card


  • Non driver’s government ID.
Note: If don’t have any of above listed id proofs. then you can submit any 2 of ID card listed below
    • Utility bill.


  • Credit card.
  • School or work ID.
  • Bus card.
  • Library card.


  • Check book.
Important Tips:- Take a picture of your ID proof or scan it and upload. Make sure you are submitting ID proof to be same as mention on your account. Facebook just check 2 thing on your ID proof Name and date of birth. so don’t worry anything just upload any ID proof which match with your Facebook id.
Also make sure your ID proof are legit otherwise your account my ban permanently. also don’t try to upload your proofs again and again. just do it once and wait for reply from Facebook.

For Permanently Disabled Facebook Account.

So if you got notice From Facebook which says “Your Facebook account has been permanently disabled” then you can try same process adobe. but its very low chance to activate your account again. if you failed then you can create new account and start using again world most popular social network.
I hope you have successfully re activate your account. to be safe from ban make sure you follow the Facebook term and conditions. any more query or suggestions feel free to tell us by comment below.

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