What is Google Dorks? How to Use Google Dorks For Hacking in 2017

Google dorks is query based platform used for getting information which is not readily available on websites by using highly advance research. Also refer as Google hacking. It’s a search string that use advance search operations algorithm to find highly confidential data by providing path to access hidden database.

Uses of Google Dorks

Google Dorks use for getting sensitive data which is not available on website. GHDB (Google hacking database used queries to get confidential databases. It will also help to hack Google websites which has low tiring security.
• Most easy way of hacking
• Help to get info not available on websites
• It’s a useful tool for hackers.
• Companies can use Google dorks for getting confidential data of their competitors
• Competitors threat

Security Management

Now a days Security management is an important concern many companies, especially those which data can accessible via internet. Google dork is term of hacking or leak important information of a company. The word dork is mostly used as slag on internet as slow witted. It is a high technology query based platform which opens back doors for accessing any confidential information of a company. High IT security can be used to avoid this type of hacking like three tiring.

Google Dork as Google hacker

A Google Dork is associates as employee inadvertently exposes sensitive company data on the internet. As a submissive attack method, Google dorking will get return usernames and passwords, hidden email lists of a company or a website, sensitive documents which is not supposed to disclose, personally identifiable financial information (PIFI) and website exposures.This all information can easily be used for any number of illegal activities, for example cyberterrorism, industrial spying, identity theft and cubers talking etc.

How hacker use Google dork for hacking

Believe it or not, Google Dorks can reveal some implausible information such as email addresses and lists, login credentials with passwords, sensitive and confidential files, website vulnerabilities by attacking viruses, and even financial information of any company. In fact, in WordPress hacking tutorial, it can tend to listed a few Google Dorks that might be used to realize SQLi (SQL injection) vulnerabilities.

And also the marvelous factor is that this can be associate improbably passive type of attack that doesn’t draw abundant attention to the hacker. Sadly, some folks use these techniques for illegitimate and villainous activities like cyber warfare, digital coercion, fraud, and a full host of alternative undesirable activities.


As like programming, google dorks additionally has its operators, a not be able to show all operators however here are the foremost normally used Operators.

Let’s take a Look at the special google search operators that are accustomed construct those high power-driven google hack search terms.

  • Intitle
  • Inurl
  • Ext
  • Allintext
  • Intext
  • Define
  • Phonebook
  • Maps
  • Book
  • Froogle
  • Importance of Google dork

Following are main important points can used for availing facilities of Google dork.

1. Footholds
It provides examples of queries in a single that can help an attacker expansion a foothold into a web server

2. Sensitive Directories
Provision of Google’s collection of web sites sharing delicate directories is also task of Google dorks. The files which contained in here will fluctuate from sensitive to highly confidential!

3. Vulnerable Files
Thousands of vulnerable files that Google can find on different websitesare also main facility provided by this dork.

4. Vulnerable Servers on websites
These searches disclose servers with precise vulnerabilities. Different ways provide for searches found in the “Vulnerable Files” section.

5. Error Messages
Truly effusive error messages that say WAY too much!

6 Network or Vulnerability Data
These types of webpages comprehend such things as firewall logs maintained on servers, honeypot logs, network information as well as IDS logs… All sorts of fun stuff!

7. Various Online Devices
The sort contains things like printers, video cameras linked with internet and all type of cool things found on the web and directly linked with Google.

8. Web Server Detection
These links validate Google splendid ability to profile web servers.

9. Files Containing Usernames
These files encompass usernames, but no passwords

10. Files Containing Passwords
PASSWORDS!!! Yes Google found PASSWORDS! And Google Dork helps to get passwords of many websites and devices linked with internet

11. Sensitive Online Shopping Info
Google Dork is best examples of queries platform that can easily reveal online shopping information just like customer data, orders, supplier’s info, credit card numbers, credit card info that can harm any competitor reputation.

12. Files Containing Juicy Info
Not necessary a website contains usernames or passwords, but it may encompass interesting stuff none the less.

13 Pages Containing Login Portals
Many websites have login pages for availing various services. Contemplate them the front door of a websites more sensitive functions.

14. Advisories and Vulnerabilities
These searches discover susceptible servers. These searches are frequently generated from numerous security advisory posts, and in many cases are products or specific new version.

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