Freelancing Lessons That Make You Go You Places

Are you planning to start some kind of freelancing business soon? Apart from the fact that you are new to the business, trial and errors will also leave you grappling for fresh breath in the beginning. When there is little visibility for your business, and you are practically unknown in your field of expertise, you may find the going a bit tough as you put your first few steps forward.

You may find it difficult to get hold of the right types of client. Even if you succeed in doing so, retaining them forever or keeping them happy at all times would prove to be a cumbersome task. While you may like to trot forward on your own and learn from experience, there are certain attributes of freelancing that you may want to avoid for your own sake. Here are some effective lessons that are best learned the easy way in the competition driven world of freelancing.

Don’t be scared of leaving clients

Unless you really have the unlucky bone deeply set in you, it is possible to come across clients who are professional, polite and reliable in terms of promise deliveries. But then, you will also come across a select few who would not adhere to your norms of functioning and would be nearly impossible to deal with on a regular basis. Along with having unrealistic expectations from your business, they would hold on to your payments, reject your work without providing any reason, and adhere to inconsistent modes of communication. You may also find yourself in the clutches of the worst clients who would literally force you to work for free on their terms; such clients are to be avoided at all costs. If at all you run into such clients, it makes good sense to terminate your contractual obligations with them as soon as possible. You do not deserve to offer your skills to bad clients; let them go.

Charge the right amount only

If you don’t charge enough , especially as much as you are worth, you can forget about being valued by your clients. It is quite common for new and budding freelancers to quote less than what they actually deserve for fear of losing the job. You offer your services at rock bottom rates to make yourself visible in the midst of fierce competition. This is incorrect. Underselling your products or services, even when you are a novice in the industry, will hold you back at every stage of your career. Moreover, by charging lesser than your worth, you will be portraying yourself as an unprofessional freelancer who can be taken for a ride easily. Along with restricting your overall cash flow, you will end up competing with below par freelancers who would be charging as much as you.

Never stop your learning curve

There are some freelancers who start their operations without knowing much about their field of choice. In case you are neither an amateur or an expert, you may want to expand your skill sets and knowledge base to get to the top of the charts.

In a nutshell, even if you are a freelancer, work hard and do not stop until you reach your targeted goals.

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